Here is an overview on the different releases of melanchoholics


Release date: 29th December 2014 Label: Eibon Records (CD), deafborn records (Vinyl 12")

By combining found noises and field-recorded nature with minimal fragile surfer-tone post-rock-guitars, drones and fuzzy low-end bass-lines, Melanchoholics create mad extensive soundscapes and almost cinematic soundtracks to psychotic euphoria and intoxicated wastelands.

After releasing on Drone Records, MNDR and deafborn, Solar Café is their final low-end manifesto for low-end connoisseurs.


Release date: December 2009. Label: Drone Records

MELANCHOHOLICS are a german trio producing "thick atmospheric darkness" as they call it. With a background rooted in Death Metal & Grindcore as well as in Industrial, they still use guitar, bass & electronic sounds nowadays, but their aim is to explore the realms of loneliness and melancholy by sculpting almost filmic soundtrackish atmospheres. This is their first vinyl-release and both tracks are filled with beautiful accordeon drones, desert-like guitars, electronic sounds and voice-samples (for the experienced: on the second track "MESSAGE FOR THE OPERATOR" you might recognize a very famous old man). Thus they are enlarging the "classic" drone sound in a very fruitful way.

Release date: 06th June 2006.  Label: Multi National Desaster and deafborn records.

Building on the experimentations from their debut CD (with a mix of field-recordings, guitars, electronically manipulated sounds and spoken word fragments), Melanchoholics walk new paths by exploring several acoustic instruments (such as cello and accordion) and add various sources for drones to their gloomy mélange.


Release date: March 2003. Label: Self-release.

Debut Album. Meet the Noonday demons.